8 Coolest Free Mobile Apps You Really Need in 2019

Your smartphone can have amazing design and advance specifications, however, you will not get it true potential if you don’t install the best applications. It does not matter if you are using an Apple iPhone or Andriod phone, the following are the 8 cool mobile apps you must have in 2019, which will make your phone more useful than it already is.

1. Houzz: This is one of the best applications to improve and design your home. If you are remodeling, building, or decorating, this app get you covered. You will get the finest design ideas for your house. Houzz helps you achieve this by inspiring you with its library of millions of photos, showing interiors and exteriors of different styles. It can as well be done by giving you a storefront to check and get all the furniture and other stuff you need, it can also go a bit further to let you view the products in your home, via augmented reality. That can be done by helping you find professionals like builders and architects, to do the tough work for you.

2. Sketch Book: this is not a new application, although, before some of the functions used to cost money, the good news is that it’s completely free now, it is worth reviewing it again. This is probably the best home app known to architects. The free features now come with more than 130 brushes, customizable canvas sizes, preset, different rulers, best high-quality picture import and more.

And, above all, other basic tools that are free include a layer editor and the pencil mode; all combine to make this app one of the most generous free sketching applications available on Android. All the brushes are customizable allowing the end product to be extremely fine-tuned. It works on iPad, iPhone, and Android.

3. Sticker Maker: if you are using WhatsApp, you perhaps know that the service has eventually included support for stickers, emoji, and GIF. You can now send bigger pictures as emoji. Also there are many sticker packs to select from. Thanks to Sticker Maker, there is also an option to make your own. The application first lets you create a new 'sticker pack' that you can name, then uploads the image on your smartphone and trims the part of the image you want to use as a sticker.

If you like you can rotate the picture and then save it in your pack. The Pack can contain about 30 stickers, but you need at least three.  Once you have created at least three, you can send the pack to WhatsApp, where you can use your personalized stickers like any other. Sticker Maker is a slick application and is useful for anyone who likes WhatsApp stickers.

4. Bitmoji: This app allows you to recreate your image in the form of cartoons, with a lot of tools available to make it look as perfect as possible. Then, you can select an outfit and access dozens, if not hundreds of stickers, each one feature you prefer. The images can be shared in different chats and social applications; however, Bitmoji has deeper integration with Gboard, allowing you to share the tags directly from the keyboard.

 You can also link to your Snapchat account, which makes Bitmoji your Snapchat avatar. You can change the look of your Bitmoji whenever you want, therefore if you change your hairstyle, you can as well change it to match, or give them a new look, and new stickers and customization options are added to it. So you won’t get bored.

5. Canva: This was amazing on iOS and now comes on Android, which gives you a simple but powerful way to create flyers, posters, cards, collages, banners, Instagram posts, blogs headers and more. This is a graphic design application, and it is easy to understand from the moment you launch it. Begin by selecting the kind of content you need to design, and then choose from a wide range of ready-made templates. When you are done, you are ready for editing.

You may tap any part of the template to modify it using context-sensitive tools. For example, you can tap the text and write anything new, or alter the font, color, size, and spacing. Choose an image to modify the color, adjust brightness, add a filter, saturation, contrast, or change it to another image, either one from your gallery or one in the canva. In addition, you can drag and rotate things, with many undo; so there is an opportunity to go back as numerous steps as you want if you make a mess of everything. When you finished, you can save your design to your smartphone or share it on social media. It is also saved in the designs segment of the application, which you can access from the web and other gadgets, so you will not lose any design that you have created.

6. Curator: this is said to be the first gallery application that organizes your pictures with artificial intelligent completely offline, it gives you the search power of something like Google Photos without compromising your privacy.  This app will analyze and allocate tags to all of your pictures the first time you launch it. Then, if you perform a search with a keyword like 'beach' or 'dog ', it will display every photo containing that.
This app has a beautiful interface, with two themes and the ability to view albums, all photos or all the assigned tags. Your albums can be renamed and your favorite photos can be transferred between albums and it comes with gesture controls, to help you navigate the interface more quickly. There are also new functions such as shared albums and private folders.

7. Swiftkey: Touch Type develops this virtual keyboard application for iOS and Android devices. More than 250 million users around the world trust this app. It uses artificial intelligence that allows the app to learn and to predict what the user wants to write. Swiftkey has autocorrect and gesture functions for faster input. In addition, there is a built-in GIF search engine, a wide collection of themes and a great keyboard for bilingual people. Swiftkey doesn’t store information about password fields and confidential information like credit card numbers. In general, this app will improve your typing experience and this is a must-have application on your Android device.

 8. Shazam: this is a trendy music recognition app that can identify music playing in your environment and many music lovers use this app. All you have to do is hold your smartphone close to the source of the song, after a few seconds, the application will identify the song accurately. In addition, you can also play songs and add them to Spotify playlists, purchase songs in Google Play Music with a tap, connect your social media account, etc. If you are a music lover, this Android application is a must-have for you.


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