Google vs Amazon - Who is Leading the AI race?

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are the two most popular digital assistants around, In fact, both digital assistants are in a war of supremacy. Sure, Amazon and Google and are really at war in 2019, struggling to control your kitchen, living room, and bedroom with their individual AI assistants. Now the question is, which side should you join? Let’s take a more detail look at their features.

The truth is that both platforms are head to head, providing related devices and similar functions. The objectives are usually the same, being a cross-device personal assistant. Google has obvious advantages when it comes to Android: it knows you and what you are looking for, your search history, your friends, where you are and where you go, even your location. On the other hand, Alexa knows what you bought on Amazon.

When it comes to supporting, Alexa feels like it has more partnerships and hardware. With Android, that advantage goes a little further.  It’s integrated into many phones operating system; it lets you have Google Assistant with you as always. Amazon Alexa has smartphones apps, but it does not extend to phones.

Google Assistant feels at home on a phone, it accesses more features around the phone, such as launching applications. Google also supports hotword on phones, whereas Alexa hotword support on phones is restricted to Amazon's Fire tablet and some Huawei and HTC devices.

Coming to support, Alexa feels like having more hardware and partnerships. However, Google is smarter when dealing with key features: for example, Alexa needs to know the right light to turn off and on, while Google lets you turn everything off or on. It does not require any device to be named.

Also, Google is better at rooting out information; it often gives you better search results. Finding the address on phone and navigations is it core skill. Alexa can find addresses and report on traffic, but that is different from getting access to real navigation and maps. Once again, the advantage of the smartphone gives Google upper edge here.

Though when it comes to domestic tasks, such as playing music or working with compatible devices, the experience is almost the same, and a certain level of personal preference will come to play. Amazon has the edge when it comes to devices and talking to Alexa feels better than talking to Google. It is a more comfortable expression.

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