7 Features to Consider When Buying Android Phone

Everyone loved android phones. Although Apple fans may argue that iOS is a more user-friendly operating system than Android, there is no doubt that Android smartphones have a sensation of its own.

Let's imagine it this way. About 10 years back, Android phones were not in existence. But, today everyone likes to have a touch screen phone. That is why we are seeing several smartphone manufacturers producing smartphones featuring Android operating system.

That is why, when you are in the market to purchase an Android smartphone, you have to scratch your head with confusion trying to make a choice. However, the following are the seven things you should keep in mind before purchasing an Android smartphone.

1. Battery life: the major problem for phones these days is poor battery life. It takes a full night to fully get a charge, but just 3 hours to display a low battery warning sign. You always think of getting an external battery charger. But, the expense of purchasing one increases your bill. So, when buying an Android smartphone, consider the battery life and its capacity.

2. Operating system version: the names of Android operating systems are complex. Have you heard about jelly-bean ice cream, gingerbread, and kit-kat? Well, these are some of the Android operating system names we have nowadays. Although they look good, for ordinary people, it is very complex to understand. Try to get the latest Android operating system to ensure compatibility with all applications.

3. Purpose: To spend $200 on a phone when all you are doing is making and receiving calls, is not reasonable. Do not get hook by the looks. The glamour wears very soon. Smartphones should not be used for calls only. Instead, you should use your smartphones for several reasons, such as playing games, browsing the net and watching movies.

4. Design: Everyone needs a good looking phone. It should be worth flashing around at a party. But also, not very fragile to handle, apparently, not all phones can be as strong as Nokia 1100. That phone is a legend. The current trend now is to have a sleek 5-inch screen Smartphone.

5. Camera: for many people, more megapixels mean the best smartphone. Everyone needs a good photo to post on social media sites such as Facebook or to upload on Instagram, and taking photos with your smartphone makes it easier. Don’t consider only the megapixels number it offers, but the lens quality as well, since it is not only the megapixels number that determines the superiority of the image.

6. Expandable storage: most phones don’t let you increase the storage capacity. Therefore, if you have 16 GB of internal capacity, you cannot add more storage even if you need it. A lot of us use 16 GB for only music. You should get at least 32 GB of storage to store music and games. Only game files can consume up to 1 GB or more.

7. Customer service: most advanced phones are likely to need service. You need a manufacturer whose customer service is always ready to help you repair your device without any tough time in your life.

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