5 Important Features That Will Help You Choose the Best Smartphone

Nearly everyone needs a more sophisticated kind of smartphones these days. This is really true with the introduction of the iPhone. However, it's not just because they need to keep up with the latest trends in the phone market. Smartphones such as the iPhone are actually more functional than other units. If you have one, you can perform a lot of tasks with it, as if you have your computer with you. In addition, it is much easier to carry than a smaller laptop.

To get the right smartphone, you need to know the right mix of features and hardware for you. This may not be easy, especially if you are not the kind of person who usually cares about specification before making a decision. To get the best smartphone, you need to have following listed factors in mind when buying smartphones.

Operating System: You must specify the type of operating system that is right for you. Smartphones come with different operating systems that attract people in different ways. If you are a fan of a particular operating system, such as the system you use in your laptop, then you can go for it. If you have no idea about this, it is better you first know more about the different operating systems and their functions. Your best bet would be to use your online resources. You can check out the features of the most recent smartphone models and equate them with older models.

Display: Most of your time will be spend looking at the screen of your phone, so ensure it is a nice one. Users generally regard AMOLED displays as the benchmark for smartphones because of their lively colors, deep blacks, and extensive viewing angles. In some situations, such as reading an e-book with white writing on a dark background, the AMOLEDs indeed extend your phone battery life since those dark segments are not displaying the black color. Instead, the pixels are turned off completely. Also, you’ve probably noticed that smartphone screens are increasing in size, but that does not necessarily mean the phones are becoming unwieldy. Screens with 18: 9 aspect ratios are common recently and they allow you to see more content without scrolling around much.

Camera: It is almost a required thing for the latest smartphones to come with front and back camera. Dual cameras have become very common these days; they offer a little more flexibility. Knowing the right kind of camera you need is easier if you are ready to consider some technical details. If you spent too much time in faintly lit environments, It is important to know how big your chosen smartphone pixel size is and how wide its aperture is.  The bigger the pixels, the wider the aperture, then the brighter your image will turn out. Some cameras in addition offer OIS or image stabilization, which negates the natural handshake and makes the images clearer.

Performance: multi-taskers and folks who like to play the newest graphically games on their device will need greater horsepower than average users. If that is you, consider the phone RAM and chipset. For high-performance situations such as the ones we just mention, you will need the fastest processing cores and more RAM you can afford. If you are buying an iPhone, to get better performance, it means buying the latest hardware generation.

For Android phones, it is very easy to know which gadgets have the type of performance you are looking for - all cheers to Qualcomm's near-monopoly on smartphone chipsets. At the top of it is the company 800 series, which offers the best possible performance. At present, the Snapdragon 845 is the company's leading chipset, which is inside almost all premium smartphones. But if your budget prevents you from purchasing a flagship phone, you can go for Qualcomm's simple numbering scheme, such as 600-series chipsets, 400-series chipsets, or 200-series silicon.

Battery Life: Nobody wants to purchase a new smartphone to connect it to a power outlet at all times. Like RAM space memory and storage, you will have to get a bigger battery that you can afford. Smartphone batteries are measured in milliamp hours or mAh. Don’t forget there is more to battery life than the size of the battery. Smartphone with 4000mAh battery will last longer than the one with 4000mAh battery.

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