Facebook Stops Pre-installed Apps on Huawei Phones

According to the report, Facebook has taken steps to halt pre-installed apps on Huawei phones. The restriction covers the main Facebook application, including other apps from its subsidiary companies like WhatsApp and Instagram. The action was taken in response to the US government action in May to prevent US companies from using foreign telecommunications companies that they considered as a security risk.

Huawei smartphone owners can still download and use applications such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook main application itself, and they will also continue to receive updates through the Play Store. This means that Huawei will not be able to include the apps in the box, which it usually does with a variety of pre-loaded services such as Twitter.

It seems that Facebook has a different way to deal with the trade embargo than Google. Google has obtained a short-term license to continue sending security updates to existing HUAWEI mobiles. Huawei phones that are currently in stores or those that have not yet been shipped or manufactured will still have pre-installed Google services. According to the report, Facebook is denying pre-installations on any phone that has not yet left the factory.

Huawei is yet to comment on Facebook's decision. The decision only applies to pre-installed applications and do not stop Huawei's phones owners downloading and installing the applications as soon as they get their phones.

Though, this option will no longer be accessible if Google restricts the access of Huawei phones to your Play Store in the future. The decision is another shock to Huawei, which this week learned that Google will no longer allow the company to use Android's core software after mid-August. At this time, the Play store for Android and all Google applications will continue to be available on Huawei. Many other countries have imposed restrictions or complete ban on the use of Huawei devices.

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