How to Make the Most Money Selling Your phone

Phones are like cars, their value decreases once you start using them. According to a report by BankMyCell, a site that allows you to sell your used phone. The Galaxy S10 depreciated 50 percent in 30 days. That is shocking, because the phone is Samsung's latest flagship model and because you resell a month old phone for a good amount of what you original paid for it.

Whether you trade or resell a phone to purchase a new one, similar goal applies: how to get the most value from your device to get as much money or biggest transactions in value you can. The best way to maintain the commercial value of the phone is to keep it in optimal condition. The following are what you should do to get a good price.

Get a good case for the phone: If it's ugly, you need a good one: perhaps you previously use a case to protect your phone's nice screen from breaking. It’s destroying the appeal of a particularly good design or color gradient, but if you want to keep your phone looking good and cracks free when you sell it, the case is very important. Buy the case before you start using your phone. The phones can fall and break within a few minutes of coming out of the carton.

Buy screen protector: screen guards are sacrificial screen covers on the original screen of your phone: get a glass, not plastic. They have them online and in the phone store. A good one may cost you some bucks, however, a $30 screen guard is worth it in the long run if it helps you make hundreds of dollars more when the time comes to sell or swap your phone.

The screen guards can be damaged when you drop the phone, that's what they made for. So it is a good idea to have a spare at hand in case it breaks, you will not have to buy another one. If you do not need it and sell your phone in the open market, you can include the screensaver as part of the price.

Keep the phone box and all the parts: carriers desire to get your original charger, however may not worry about the box when you trading the phone. But if selling it through Swappa or Craigslist, your buyer will. Repackaging the phone in its original state, or the closer you get, will make it more attractive, which will translate into more money.

Clean your phone before selling it: Nobody wants to buy a dirty phone. This is important; whether you sell your phone to a stranger, through third-party resellers such as Gazelle, or back to manufacturer or supplier. You will get a good price for a phone that looks and works like new than what you will get for a dirty phone.

Because you won’t be paid until the buyer inspects your phone, you may not be able to get your asking price if the used phone does not meet the expectations. It is worth it to make an effort to clean your phone in the right way before you sell it.

Repairing a broken screen may worth it: you can make more money if you repair the broken phone before trying to sell it to a third-party reseller. Broken phones maintain some value because they can be repaired or used the parts to recycle or repair other headsets for resale.

 Go to a carrier’s swap site or reseller site to take a look at how much they evaluate the cost of your broken screen or water-damaged phone, also check the cost of the phone without any damage. Then compare it with the cost of the repair. If there is enough difference (for example, your phone is relatively new or in high demand), it might worth the hassle.

Finally, you should back up your phone and return it to factory settings before shutting it down. It will help protect your identity and ensure you keep all your photos and other important data.

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