What you need to know About BlackBerry Messenger shut down

The company declared last month that it would close the consumer service, which continues to lose users and not attracting new ones. And Friday was the last day for users to download photos, videos, and files so they do not get lost. Stickers, contacts, and feeds cannot be exported. BBM offers refunds for Stickers, but not for BBMojis. The reward balances are to be collected on May 20.

On Friday morning, BBM sent a farewell message to remind users that they had closed the service and suggest that they verify BBM Enterprise as a replacement for Android and iOS. The application is free in the first year. After six months of subscription, it is $2.49.

Emtek, the company that had partnered with BlackBerry 2016 to run the consumer version of the messaging application, said in a blog post on Thursday that the technology industry is "extremely fluid" and, even with the “great effort”, consumers have switched to other platforms.

“However, the technology industry is too liquid and, despite our great efforts, users have moved to other platforms, while new users have proved difficult to sign on,” Emtek said.

The corporation faced many competitions, and at several points sued Facebook, Twitter, and Snap over patent encroachment. In 2017, many were surprised that the company added Uber to the BBM application. Despite these efforts, the popularity of the platform continues to decline. Time will tell if BlackBerry can turn BBM users into BBMe fans.

Mark Wilson, marketing director of BlackBerry, said that although the company is saddened, BBM users would not be without a secure messaging platform.

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