Cell Phone Radiation - How Safe Is Your Mobile Phone?

The impact of cell phone radiation on human health is a topic of interest and research globally, due to the considerable increase in the use of mobile phones worldwide. Public concern about the potential health effects of mobile phone use has received a lot of attention. With more than 7 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide, it's easy to understand why this topic generates a lot of interest.

Medical scholars continue to study the health risks related to cell phone use. The study has focused on car accidents, germs, cancer, radiation electromagnetic and health effects, like sleep patterns and changes in brain activity. There has been a lot of discussion about the potential health effects of using a mobile phone. Users can avoid these risks by knowing what the hazards are and how to evade them.

Cell phone radiation is in the microwave region of the radio spectrum. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has placed the cell phone in group 2B, marking it as carcinogen triggering. Although, microwaves radiated by other devices, like computer systems, microwaves, televisions, etc., radiate a greater degree of radiation than mobile phones.

The study has it that (SAR) Specific Absorption Rate delivers an amount of radiation absorbed into the body. The basic SAR for phones devices recognized as safe for the body is 1.6 Watt/ kg. It is really important that cell phone operators comply with this specific standard because high radiation levels can be somewhat detrimental by causing molecular structural malfunction. Before we continue, let me surprise you with the following. Did you know that?

1. It is advisable for pregnant women to keep their cell phone away from the fetus because even low-level radiation can affect the fetus.

2. The ear lobes and other parts of the body next to where the phone is position are susceptible to the effects of electric heating. In addition, the eyes corneas can as well be affected, especially with cell phones that don’t keep to SAR global criteria.

Studies have already shown an increase in metabolic rate in human brain tissue, which is close to the mobile phone antenna. For this reason, chatting on your devices for long periods of time is not a good idea. If you are to have a long conversation, put your phone on speaker, use your headphones or use hands-free devices such as Bluetooth or mobile phone holders so that the phone is not close to your body.

3. It is forbidden to carry a cell phone in the front pocket or anywhere close to the reproductive organs. Although the study is still ongoing, the phone can affect the productivity and health of these organs. Have in mind that cell phones produce radiation even when they are switched off. It is also not a good idea to have a phone by your bed all night for the same reason.

4. All mobile phones are not created the same. Some produce a lot of radiation compared to others. Below are several levels of radiation for each brand of phone.  Keep in mind that these levels may change with the phone age and new designs that are being produced. Samsung, HTC, and Nokia are currently mobile phone manufacturers with the lowest SAR. For example, the following phones with the lowest and greatest rated SAR cell phones.

The lowest SAR rated cell phones are:

HTC One V (SAR: 0.455)
LG Optimus V (SAR: 0.462)
Verykool Vortex RS9 (SAR: 0.18)
Samsung Galaxy Note (SAR: 0.19)
ZTE Nubia 5 (SAR: 0.225)
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (SAR: 0.28)
HTC One V(SAR:0.455)
LG Optimus Vu (SAR: 0.462)
Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G (SAR: 0.47)

The highest SAR rated cell phones are:

Huawei Ascend Mate 7(SAR: 1.54)
Honor 8(  SAR: 1.5)
  Huawei Mate 8( SAR: 1.18)
Apple iPhone SE(SAR: 1.17)
Apple iPhone 7( SAR: 1.38)
Gigaset ME Pro( SAR: 1.3)
ZTE Blade S6( SAR: 1.29)
Apple iPhone 7 Plus( SAR: 1.24)

The specific absorption rating for each mobile phone is stated in the manual that comes with the phone. You can search online as soon as you type your phone model.

Share this list with your friends and love one so they can also reduce direct radiation exposure by buying low-SAR rated mobile phones. It will help allow our generation lives a healthy and happy life.

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