Easy Way to Fix Your Water Damage Smart Phone

We have our smartphones on us all day and often the phone is exposed to unsafe situations. In addition, during the hot summer months, the demand for services related to repair of water-damaged smart phones has always increased. This is due to the fact that we tend to carry our phones with us when we go to beach, pool or even when we take a stroll to a lake, a pond, or river. If you drop your phone in the water by mistake, you need to find a way to repair water damage as soon as possible. The longer you delay, the more likely your phone will not work again.

Water can be very harmful to any smartphone, no doubt. This is due to the fact that it can cause electric to short circuit, making the display useless or eroding sensitive electrical components. This will depend on the kind of water your phone has been exposed to and how long it was in it. Seawater is more corrosive than ordinary water because of its high salt content. Swimming pool water is also more damaging than fresh water because of the presence of chlorine and other chemicals that can damage the circuit boards immediately.

Once you realize that your device has been immersed in water, you should act immediately. The first step is to separate the phone into as many components as possible. Remove the cover, remove the battery, and, if possible, remove the screen and the keypad. Once you have disassembled the device, try wiping any moisture with a soft cloth or paper towel. Even if all the liquid seems to have disappeared, you should always wait before trying to switch the phone on.

The right decision is to leave the phone components in a dry, warm, and well-ventilated area, such as near a very sunny window. Do not attempt to remove moisture by using a hairdryer or placing the phone in the oven, this will cause irreparable damage to the circuit board and other fragile components.

And if your device is not working after twelve hours, you should at least wait another day to see what happens. It is not uncommon for digital devices to come back to life after they dry for a day or two. If the phone is permanently damaged, you can take it to a repair shop to repair water damage and replace any damaged components.

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