IRS2Go App for Android Phone

IRS2Go is a free Android application that has helped taxpayers get information from the IRS website on various tax issues and track tax refunds. This mobile app that runs on Android mobile software was the first smartphone app provided by IRS to taxpayers. This is a useful application that can be downloaded to your phone provided you have the necessary support applications. IRS2Go Android app provides tools and resources that help and make it easier for taxpayers in a bid to improve their experience.

  How to Access the Application

 IRS2Go is a free app available to everyone in America. Android version of IRS2Go is available free of charge from the Android Marketplace. Installing the application is very easy and allows the average user to easily access information from the IRS website using the app.

  The Benefits of irs2go app for android phone users

  •  There are many useful services that you can get for free from the IRS2Go app. The following are such services and the IRS also promises to include more features to improve the user experience.
  • With IRS2Go, you can register for updates from IRS website on your smartphone once these updates are available. You can as well sign up to IRS on Twitter to get similar updates through the Twitter updater.
  •  Also, you can track the progress of your refunds as applied in your tax returns. This mobile app can give you an update on the status of your refund and how many steps it has to go through. Once your refunds are paid, the app will notify you as well.
  • IRS2Go also provides a helpful contact section that offers various contact information for different tax support lines. You can equally click the phone links to make the corresponding call automatically or follow a link to automatically be forwarded to the next taxpayer help center.

 The bottom line is that IRS2Go app perhaps requires much less permission than your beloved games, therefore if you want to know what is going on with your tax now, you can click here to download this app.

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