The Best Free Android Apps to Record Phone Calls

If you love your Android phone, then these Android apps that record phone calls will make you love them more. These applications allow users to record outgoing and incoming calls. A lot of smartphone producers include a default call recording app on their device while some don’t come with this functionality. One key benefit of this app is that if you receive too many calls and are afraid to forget an important conversation, you can record your calls. Also, a lot of people use call recording to capture the proof of a conversation. The following are the best free Android apps to record phone calls.

Call Recorder ACR

This app has the ability to record all outgoing and incoming calls on your Android phone. Call Recorder is one of the most popular calls recording apps on the Google Play Store. It comes with many features such as password protects recordings, auto-delete old recording, as well as cloud service integration. When you receive a call, recording starts when the ON button is activated in the Call Recorder app. This is the best free Android app to record phone calls, and there is also a paid version with some other features.

Galaxy call recorder

This is another good call recording app; Galaxy Call Recorder is a simple app that also supports both manual and automatic call recording. It is specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy Series smartphones; the best thing about this app is that it records both outgoing and incoming calls. You can also turn off call recording when the Bluetooth device is connected or when the headphone is on. Although it works perfectly with Samsung Galaxy phones, it also supports other phones using microphone to record audio.


This is a well-known caller id application, but it has also included call recording feature recently. So, if you are a TrueCaller user, you can now use this app to record all your calls. Although the application is free, the recording feature comes with a premium plan, so you have to pay when using the call recording feature of the app. To use this feature, go to your Truecaller setting and enable “Record calls”.

Advanced call Recorder

This is another good free call recording app. Advanced call Recorder allows you to record calls and avoid updated calls. You can as well set a pattern or password to save the recorded files. It also lets you share the recorded files. You can add notes to recorded calls. You can always switch to manual call recording if you don’t want automatic call recording.

Smart Call Recorder

This is another automatic Android call recording app that you can try. The app can record outgoing and incoming calls automatically. The recording calls are saved in MP4 format. And there is an option to automatically delete call records after a specified period. You can as well share your audio file through email, Bluetooth, messaging, Gmail, and many more.

Lastly, there are many Android apps for call recording. A quick search on the Play Store will give you many choices. But these are the best free android apps to record phone calls. You can also use the links to avoid confusion. Don’t waste your time on apps that may compromise your privacy or fill your smartphone with ads. If you're looking for an app to record calls, try any of these listed apps, almost all are free.

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