All You Need to know about Android Operating System

Let's start with a brief history of the Android operating system that is related to the company Android Inc. Founded by Nick Sears, Andy Rubinera, and Chris White in October 2003 in Palo Alto, California. Originally, the company developed a technology completely independent from other firms and carried out its projects in complete secrecy. The development of an advanced operating system for digital cameras was one of its main objectives. Later, when it realized that the market for these devices was not large enough, the team shifted their efforts to produce an operating system for smartphones.

 Google acquired the company on August 17, 2005, and retained the entire Android development team, led by Andy Rubinera, who became part of the company members, to work on a Linux-based mobile platform. On November 5, 2007, the company launched a project titled, Android, whose aim was to develop a system for mobile devices under the Open-source project and built on the Linux kernel version 2.6.

Android open source project: Android is an open-source project that has been widely adopted. Google develops the Android platform but gives a percentage of it for free to hardware producers and phone manufacturers who want to use Android on their phones. They also charges manufacturers if they install the Google app portion of the operating system. Many (but not all) Android devices use the Google Apps portion of the service.

Beyond the Smartphone: Android powers phones and tablets, but Samsung has tried Android interfaces on electronics such as cameras, including refrigerators. Android television is a gaming platform that makes use of Android. Parrot makes car stereo system and a digital photo frame with Android. Some devices modify open-source Android without Google Apps. This makes it difficult to recognize the Android when you see it.

Android Open Handset Alliance:The Android project is related to Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of technology companies comprising of companies such as Sony, Google, Samsung, device manufacturers, and phone operators. Google formed this group to contribute to Android development. Some members also target to make money from Android, either through mobile apps, selling phones, or phone services.

Google Play Store: Everyone can write apps for Android phones, download SDK (Software Development Kit), and start developing for the Google Play Store. Developers selling apps in the Google Play Store are charge about 30 percent of the sales price as Google Play Store maintenance fees.

Android Fragmentation- the good and bad side of it: One common criticism of Android is that it is a fragmented platform. Phone manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, and Sony have added their user interfaces to Android and do not intend to stop. They believe it differentiates their brand, even though developers often express frustration at having to support several variations. This is one way Android is the philosophical opposite of the iPhone, while iPhone try to create the finest user experience possible by restricting software and hardware standards. Android try to ensure this by opening up its operating system as much as possible.

 This is good and bad because the fragmented versions of Android can provide unique user experience; however, it also means fewer users per variation. This means it is difficult for app developers, technology writers, and accessories writers. Since each Android upgrade needs to be modified for particular hardware and user interface upgrades of individual device, it also means that modified Android smartphone takes longer to receive updates.


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