Five Things We Expect to See in the New Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung will launch its new and full refreshed Galaxy Note 10 smartphone on August 7, 2019. The Korean technology company will be holding one of its famous unpacked events in New York. There are plenty of stories about this device, and based on the rumors and the leaked image of this awaited smartphone, the following are the five things that we expect Samsung to fix to help its next smartphone beat all the competition.

  The rear fingerprint scanner: Samsung had this feature on its Note series for several years, and it’s certainly not one of the preferred features. Searching for this sensor has never been perfect; this often makes a user place his finger on the lens of the camera.

 Many smartphones manufacturers are trying to combat this design defect with Apple offering its Face ID feature and other Android phones including a scanner beneath the screen. Samsung has tried this innovative display technology on its most recent S10 phone. The users of this smartphone simply have to place their finger on the screen to unlock the phone.

 And most of the Note 10 leaked images seem to display a device without a rear scanner, which means that Samsung may have eventually fixed one of the major frustrations with the existing Note 9 flagship.

  Reduce those Bezels: Samsung Note series has constantly offered big phones, but now there are ways to include a giant screen without the phone filling your pocket. Android phones are getting thinner bezels, which mean you can cram a massive viewing area into a phone that is not bigger.

 The company has already launched its S10, which comes with a hole-punched front camera to help reduce the top bezel and Note 10 could follow. Most of the Note 10 leaked pictures seem to display phone with minimal black bars at the topmost and bottommost of the smartphone.

 Just like the S10, Samsung may be planning to hit the front-facing selfie camera through the screen. The simple difference is that the camera will be placed in a central spot instead of to the side. If this design truly becomes a reality, then users may have a larger display without the phone being too large to handle.

Better battery life: We all want our phone to last a little longer and Note 10 may come with a big battery boost. With smartphone manufacturer like Huawei squeezing larger power packs inside its phones, Samsung just needs to keep up.

 Note 9 presently comes with 4000 mAh battery, but that could increase on the next generation phone. Rumors have it that Note 10 will get a 4,500 mAh battery which would certainly give a considerable boost to users. Another benefit of owning the Galaxy Note 10 is the likely inclusion of PowerShare technology.

 This feature is already in the Galaxy S10 and we hope Note 10 follow up. PowerShare converts your phone into a portable charger that can charge other wireless devices.

More Cameras: From the latest images released online, it looks certain that Galaxy Note 10 will have a multiple rear camera system. Although there is no official announcement on what lenses the phone will come with, it would be logical for Samsung to follow Galaxy S10 with a better zoom and wide-angle option.

 The existing Note 9 has a double camera, so it is certain that the next Galaxy Note 10 could come with the photography credentials of the latest flagship. An excerpt from the other information observed is that the lenses appear to sit in a vertical position instead of the horizontal position of the note 9.
More Speed: In terms of performance, Apple remains at the top of the rankings. The iPhone continues to lead in speed and benchmarks tests, but with the new Note 10, we hope thing to change. Though it is not clear which processors will be installed inside this phone, Samsung is likely to launch a Snapdragon device and one runs by its Exynos chip. The Note has constantly been pitched as a device for those wanting to work on the move and more speed will be a welcome development.

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