How to Close All Apps in Android

It feels good when you “spring clean" your house. Most of us spend a day or two thoroughly cleaning our house. We vacuum, mop floors, scrub our bathtubs and get sweaty packing up our old electronic for enough space. If you really determined, you will as well remove all the wires that connect your laptops, TV sets and routers.

This yearly spring cleaning can take a whole weekend. And for good reason, there is nothing as satisfies like the feeling that you are taking care of your home and that everything is working to its full potential.

This explains why so many smartphone users try to “spring clean” their phones and tablets. Whether you use Apple's iPhone or Android operating system, you will probably have a reason to close all your apps.

In Android, as soon as you launch apps, it will runs in the background, even after you leave it and access other tasks. After opening enough applications at once, you may notice that your smartphones are slightly lagging because of the number of applications that are eating your device's RAM. While this may not be a big problem for some devices, many less powerful devices choke when there are many open and running applications; this may require you to close all apps.

Some apps are just annoying or they constantly drain your battery without giving you any benefit. It is therefore reasonable that you need to close them. There comes a time in Android life when you just want to close all apps, and for such situation, the following are the best way to close your Android apps. So, follow these steps, although it depends on the brand you are using.

1. Launch the recent apps menu. The way you access this menu varies slightly from device to device. For example, on the LG G5, you can tap the square key to access recent apps, whereas on the Galaxy phones the icon looks similar to two 90-degree angles.

2. Locate the apps you want to close in the list by scrolling up from the bottom.

3. Press and hold the app, swipe the app to the right. This should prevent the process from running and free up your RAM. If you want to close all apps, tap the Clear All button if it is available on your device.

4. Go to the Applications tab in the settings if your phone is still running slowly. If it’s on Samsung phones, the menu is known as “Application Manager”. On other phones such as LG phones, go to Settings, then go to General, and go to Apps.

5. Go to the All Apps tab, navigate to the applications that are running, and then click it.

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