Zero – The Best Free Fasting Tracker Apps for iOS and Android

Intermittent fasting has become a very common topic in the science community because of the likely benefits discovered in health and fitness. It is a dietary eating arrangement that has to do with not eating or strictly restricting calories for a long time. There are various different subcategories of intermittent fasting, each with an individual difference in the duration of the fast, some for hours, and some for days.

 Researchers consider intermittent fasting as a means of reducing stress, helping you to stay focus, and preventing additional weight. However, it is always wise to consult a specialist before starting an intermittent fasting program - or any other diet.

 If you are into intermittent fasting or any type of fasting, the good news is that there is an app called Zero which helps record your fast and remind you of when to start or ends your fasting. Zero is a fasting tracker app for intermittent, custom fasting and circadian rhythm. Choose your preferred fasting procedure and Zero will help track your progress on your smartphone. You can then export your data to a spreadsheet for full control.

 Kevin Rose, the co-founder of Digg, who is also famous for his interest in mind and body hacks, creates zero apps. One amazing thing when using this app is its user interface; it is simple, interesting and calming at the same time. All the magic happens in the settings; right there you will find an export data option that will allow you to download your data into a spreadsheet with your complete fasting history. My favorite feature of zero apps is the possibility to adjust my fasting time. You can simply customize your fasting time by entering “custom fast".

 If you choose to fast, then Zero is preprogrammed to suit your fasting pattern and to also learn your routine and remind you when to fast. In addition, there is a health tip, tracking, and badges to help keep you responsible when things get tough. You can download the Zero app from google playstore.

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