How to Know if Your Facebook Account has Been Hacked

Hackers use many different ways to hack Facebook account. Facebook's automatic log-in allows hackers to gain access to multiple site accounts once they have taken possession of your Facebook account. Also, spammers hack Facebook account to get access to your followers. Through your profile, a hacker can collect a lot of private information about you that they can be used to raid your identity.

How to check if you have been hacked

If you are concerned that someone has gain access to your account, there is an easy technique to check. Click on the arrow in the up-right corner of your Facebook page. In the menu, click on Settings, a menu item will appear. Select Security and log in and then when are logged in.

A record of all devices that logged into your account, including their locations will appear. If there is any you don’t know, it is possible you may have been hacked. If you see something that does not belong to you, click on not you? At the right side of the log.

Some other signs that your account may have been hacked

The following are some other ways to find out if your account has been hacked:

• Your birthday, name, password and email have been changed.
• Someone sent a request to people you don’t know
• Messages you have been sent from your account, but you did not write them.
 • Posts you did not post appearing on your timeline

  How you can protect your Facebook account 

After securing your account, you can make it safer, Facebook has several security features and you need to activate them. Log into your account in your browser and click on Settings, click on Security & Connection, then click again on Set up Additional Security, from here:

• Activate login alerts to receive notifications when your account is account is logged into. This will allow you to catch the hacker early before any damage is done.

 • Enable two-factor authentication, and select the additional or extra layer of security from the list. •

 Select your trusted contacts and add family members or close friends that can help unlock your account in case it is hacked.

 • Activate these security features in place to prevent potential hackers from taking charge of your account.

With these techniques, your Facebook account is much harder for a hacker to gain access to your account and very easy to recover if compromised.

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