LynQ - the Latest device that help you track your friends & Relatives

Separating from friends or family members at an event or festival can be very embarrassing and annoying. Also, tracking the location of all your friends at a big concert can be a real challenge, especially if cellular networks are busy or non-existent. But a new product launched on Indiegogo promises to make it easier than ever to track the location of your friends and family, and also provide the distance and direction to where they are.

This new gadget is called LynQ and is advertised as a smart compass of the 21st century. It does not require any application, mobile phone, Wi-Fi connection or any kind of subscription fees. The gadget is lightweight, small, and designed for outdoor use, which means it is durable and waterproof. It comes with a built-in carabiner that makes clipping it on a jacket, beltloop, or backpack very easy.

LynQ is very easy to use. The gadget has only one button and a small screen that shows simple vital information. About 12 LynQ users can harmonize their units with each other and then follow each other independently. You just select the name of the individual you want to track and you are synced with. The Smart Compass will detect them and show you the direction and distance to find them.

LynQ owners can also configure a “home base” they can follow back to if they are lost. This function can be useful in the backcountry, for example by helping hikers to return to their campsite. It can also create a geographical area and alert others if somebody is following them outside the safe zone. Pet owners can use it to track their pets; even parents could find it useful to keep track of children.

A rechargeable battery that provides up to three days of battery life powers LynQ. The device would be able to track other LynQ users up to 3 miles away, though terrain or interference from other electronic gadgets can significantly reduce this distance. It can also be useful for people traveling to remote areas, and friends at festivals. Lynq is the only tracker that makes it easy to locate everybody in your group at the click of a button when everything fails.

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