How Recent Technology is changing the world

Recently, technology has changed our lives and has led to many mind-blowing discoveries, better luxuries, and better facilities. The futurists of the 50s and 60s predicted that artificial intelligence would outsmart the human brain in computational skills by the middle of the 21st century. We are now at the brink of this technological boom. The following are some of the recent technology that is changing the world.

A short while ago, bitcoin was valued more than $19,000 per coin, although the value of the cryptocurrency has since dropped, one Bitcoin is still worth thousands of dollars. Cryptocurrency may be debatable today, but it is becoming more and more mainstream. Some of the biggest hedge funds are betting on Bitcoin - which is just the beginning of the cryptocurrency revolution.

Regenerative medicine
While this may sound like science fiction, physicians are already producing made-to-order body parts. Doctors begin with scraping cells from the body part in question and develop them in a petri dish. Over time, the body part develops strong enough to be inserted inside the patient. A company called, Organovo, has produced a printer that can print 3D body parts. Over time, this new technology will soon become more and more mainstream, offering patients a lifesaving organ replacement.

Self-Driving Vehicles
Automakers like General Motors, Tesla, and Volvo have produced semi-autonomous vehicles. This self-driving technology is changing rapidly. As a car enthusiast, the past years have been an exciting time. Having witnessed a self-driving Tesla together with its accident avoidance features, I will be inattentive to not appreciating the major and minor achievements of artificial intelligence in the automotive industry. These self-driving cars have amazing features such as adaptive cruise control, self- parking feature, the ability to switch lanes automatically, and the ability to summon the vehicle to and from the garage or parking spot.

This is the technology behind Bitcoin. Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, no one has been able to fake it. This shows the power of Blockchain technology. Blockchain provides a network that allows different stakeholders to manage trust, security, and anonymity. It provides the only source of truth.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is capable of completing difficult tasks better than its human inventors. AI has the power to transform virtually every sector, from the medical world to agriculture. Artificial intelligence robots are be use to carry out specific tasks in operating rooms. The systems can be used to diagnose and prevent any life-threatening illness long before it appears in your body. It change the way we work. AI is the biggest technological revolution of recent years.

From your boring neighborhood to the army, drones are absolutely everywhere. However, Drone technology has the potential to change the world for the better. Drones are already used for humanitarian aid and disaster relief. Drone technology is already helping with precision farming, property management, search and rescue, and ocean mapping.

Electronic funds transfer
The San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank format a paperless transfer system with the Los Angeles branch in 1972. By the end of the decade, multi-million dollar were immediate transfers between banks, insurance companies other financial institutions had become common. The real attraction of electronic funds transfer today is that you can get cash from your bank account anywhere in the world and can as well use PayPal to purchase and sell things on eBay or amazon without sending cash or checks through the mail.

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