How to check your Android phone for malicious apps

The newly discovered WhatsApp flaw has allowed hackers to distantly install spyware on an Android device or iOS, even without the smartphone's user's knowledge. WhatsApp has already fixed the bug; both through updating the apps and on its server, if you have not updated your WhatsApp recently, it is advisable to do it immediately. The virus and the subsequent fix are important warning to confirm that your gadget is free of malicious apps.

Google Play Protect scans about 50 billion apps a day to identify and remove malicious apps. When Google launched Play Protect for the first time, the service only checked apps installed from the Play Store. From now on, it scans all the apps installed on your device, irrespective of the source. We recommend that you turn on Google Play Protect on your Android device, learn to scan on demand and check apps updates before you install them.

The Play Protect Settings page on your device will let you scan on demand, shows the time and date of your last scan and the scanned apps. To check your Android phone’s latest scan status and ensure that Play Protect is enabled go to your phone Settings; Security. Then Google Play Protect, which is the first option, click on it. You will see the list of newly scanned apps, any malicious apps found, and the option to scan your phone on demand.

Even though Play Protect is enabled by default on your Android phones, it is advisable to visit the settings page above and confirm. When installing an app from the Play Store, you will find the Play Protect logo under the progress bar, which ensures that the app is "Verified by Play Protect" and is safe at the time to install.

Before updating your apps, the good news is that the Play Protect will indicate at the Updates tab top side of the Play Store if there are any issues. Once an app is scanned and sanctioned for the Play Store that doesn’t mean that hackers can’t slip something bad into the later app update. Fortunately, Google will indicate at the top of the Updates section of the Play Store if the pending updates are harmless to downward.

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