The Dream of Flying Taxis will Soon Become Reality

A flying taxi - It was a sci-fi dream as long as there was science fiction. It's such an appealing idea that it has led countless designers to try to solve the intrinsic problems with the concept, and for most to fail spectacularly.

Rooted in the incredible desire to rid our daily lives of road traffic and indirect routes, the flying car still evokes the images of brighter tomorrow and safer cities and towns around the world. Many aerospace companies, large and small, are exploring the possibility of a personal flying vehicle - an aircraft capable of carrying individuals or small cargoes in the air freely, acting as a kind air taxi.

It has been a distant dream, but today the dream is coming to reality. Automakers are not only interested in city streets transportation: but they now set their sight on the sky. Porsche is the latest to announce on Thursday that it has partnered with Boeing to help explore the options.

Boeing and its subdivision Aurora Flight Sciences will design a prototype flying taxi that has an electric motor, the company said. Engineers from both companies will work together to develop what it means to create a “premium mobility " car for the air.

The notion will take the shape of a vertical take-off and landing automobile or VTOL. This kind of machine does not entail a runway like an aircraft and works as a helicopter. The Propeller forces allow VTOL to take off from the ground, but the challenge is to find enough power to lift the machine. Many companies have studied technology, including Kitty Hawk, Uber, and many other startups. In fact, Kitty Hawk recently teams up with Boeing for similar technology.

According to the idea, the companies will start testing a prototype vehicle, although it’s unclear the kind of timeline which Boeing and Porsche are working with. Porsche cited an in-house study in 2018 that showed that urban air transport would become a popular choice after 2025. Apparently, air taxis can effectively help solve the congestion problems in city streets.

The problem, apart from the technology is not quite ready for prime time, is the regulation. Currently, regulation will prohibit any aircraft flying at low altitude in cities. This is something the companies will have to discuss in the future before any dream of launching air transportation.

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