How to Recover Your Stolen Laptop with Free LockItTight Service

It will not really prevent theft, but it can help you recover your lost laptop. LockItTight allows you to track a stolen or missing laptop, provided it is connected to the Internet.

We are in a generation where desktops are giving way to laptops. Almost everyone has a laptop and we add more valuable information to it on a daily basis, without a doubt, we hate to lose it. Think about the stuff you store in your laptop: your e-mails, music, photos, conversations, downloaded software, a list of your favorite websites, as well as many files that may contain personal and banking data.

We trust our laptops with these documents that most of us never worry about keeping paper copies of anything or backing up our hard drive; the only source for our important documents is our laptop, and we never consider the possibility of it being stolen or lost.

According to the 2018 Kensington Survey, one in every 10 laptops will be missing or stolen from a company. Also the Gartner study indicates that sys a laptop is stolen every fifty three seconds. With security cameras now everywhere, it is still very easy for thief to break the window and take a laptop from a car, home or office. Maybe one thing that is worse than a stolen laptop is knowing that there is no way to recover it.

But with LockItTight software installed, you can get your laptop back. LockItTight is a laptop-recovery service you can get for less than $1. It's an amazing capable solution, although it won't prevent a thief, it's one of those tools worth having.

If you sign in to your account from another laptop, you can see the location of your lost or stolen laptop on a map and be notified when it goes in and out of the designated areas. You can as well capture the screenshot, keystroke log, webcam photo, browser history, etc.

All this is possible when the laptop is connected to the internet. But if the thief just kept the system without turning it on and connected to a Wi-Fi network, LockItTight will not do you any good. Also, if you protect your laptop with a password, there is little chance that it can connect to a Wi-Fi network to indicate its location. The software is worth having, if not, your chance of getting your laptop back is closer to nothing.

LockItTight comes in four different price plans; but, I suspect many users will be okay with the amazing free plan. Which allows you to track up to five gadgets, including laptops, iPhones, Chromebooks, and Android phones, although iPhones and Android phones have their own tracking options, provided by Apple and Google.

Upgrading to Standard or Premium or Ultimate plan increases the number of your saved reports and how often they are produced. If your main goal is just tracking, I highly recommend you start with the free version. I'm not saying that LockItTight or any other tracking system will guarantee the recovery of your stolen laptop. I say LockItTight is worth having because it works as advertised and it cost nothing.

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