7 Amazing Tech Inventions of 2019

Inventions have largely intended to make life easier and to meet the quest for more knowledge. Tech inventions change our world for good by filling the gaps between the available products and our expectations. Since the beginning of time, persistent and curiosity-driven humans have invented countless things that not only aided humanity, but also encouraged several other inventions.

Today, the world witnesses millions of amazing inventions daily. The number of inventors awaiting a patent or either omitted the entire process is expected to be much higher. Our brains will heat up and explode if we have to take a look at all these awesome inventions. So, we have chosen 7 amazing technological inventions in 2019 that may even make you want to jump from your seat and try them out.

  1. Snore Circle
Snoring is because of the restricted airflow in the throat during sleep. In addition to being a major nuisance, it can be the cause of several diseases. So, if you want to break these habits or to help someone in your family, then Snore Circle is a great tool. It uses a combination of aural and bone conduction to detect when you are snoring, in turn, sends micro signals to the brain to help reduce and totally eliminate snoring. In addition to helping you stop snoring, it will also monitor the quality of your sleep.

2. NANO1 - the world smallest Astronomy camera

This is an ideal invention for avid stargazers who not only want to be impressed by looking at the phenomena of the sky but to also capture them with their cameras. The inventors of NANO1 describe it as the least astronomy camera in the world capable of capturing twenty-five times more light than the human eye and shorten a one-hour long recording into three minutes for a pleasant view of the sky and other wonders such as the northern lights. Also, you can attach it to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and watch the beauty of the sky.

3. iMicro- Attach an 800x microscope to your smartphone

If you have always needed a make-shift lab of kinds in your home, then you need to take a look at iMicro. This is a small layer of lenses, lesser than a normal fingertip. Similar to most Smartphone’s zoom lenses, you can connect iMicro to your phone lens and have a world view of the micrometer at 100x magnification. In addition to the digital zoom on your smartphone, you can increase it several times and feed your curiosity by examining almost everything on the fly.

4. Petcube Bites 2 - Pet Treat Dispenser Cameras

This is the world’s most innovative interactive pet Camera with a treat dispenser. It helps pet owners watch, talk, fling treats and reward their pets. This is the greatest and the latest version of Petcube cameras. If your dog is always alone, then you need this pet camera to keep an eye on your furry pal while you are away. It comes with Alexa built-in feature that gives users access to more than 50,000 Alexa skills and plays with their pets or set the automatic play mode. This is an all-in-one pet camera for modern pet owners.

5. Dolfi - Next Generation Washing Machine

With Dolfi, you will soon to forget your problems of spending hours to get stains out of your clothes with bars soap. Because Dolfi is taking over as ultrasonic solutions, this is an example of how technology can transform the way we wash clothes. With cautiously modulated ultrasound waves, Dolfi will automatically remove dirt from your clothes without you spending with precious time on laundry. Just leave the dirty laundry in a bucket filled with water and detergent and let Dolfi do the cleaning for you.

6. Padrone Ring – Coolest Mouse Ever

This is a beautiful ring that miraculously turns your desk into a touchpad; there is no difference between using the Padrone ring and using the touchpad of your laptop. Padrone ring mouse connects to any device via low-energy Bluetooth and it supports different kinds of scrolling and clicking gestures. It also comes in twelve different waterproof sizes, which means you can always wear it wherever you are without worrying about damaging it.

7, Eyelights – The First Holographic Car Assistant

This is a concept technology that uses a holograph to display information instead of the real screen, like vital statistics about the car, maps, speed, etc. This enables you to focus on the road even when interacting with the system. In addition, since there is no physical screen, you can simply wave your hand up to control the system, which makes it easy to use. Eyelights is designed to revolutionize and improve the way we interact with our vehicles and can completely replace touch interfaces.

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