All You Need To know About Samsung Galaxy S11: rumors and leaks

So far the year 2019 has been an exciting year in the Smartphone market, as Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. In recent years, Samsung has introduced its Galaxy S series in late February or early March. We are still a few months away from March 2020, and rumors are already heating up about the latest Samsung Galaxy S11 series. Although we don't know exactly if the phones will be named Galaxy S11, it's difficult to see Samsung calling the new phones something else. In addition to the rumors, we are now seeing leaks trickle in as the company ramps up for production and keep on testing its latest devices.

Samsung always lunched a new class of phones every New Year. The company phones made waves in 2019, from its award-winning Galaxy Note 10 Plus, to its memorable Galaxy Fold. Right now the industry is already buzzing with rumors and leaks as we approach 2020, regarding everything from the Galaxy S11's official lineup and, to battery and camera setup, etc. I also imagine my learned guesses, because Samsung always follows existing trends and historical patterns.

For instance, the Galaxy S11 will be among the first Samsung phones to deliver on the 5G promise in a significant way. Samsung started with 5G this year, the S10 5G, Galaxy A90 5G, Note 10 plus 5G, and Fold (all in South Korea and the UK), but there are many options of 4G phones that already exist. The Galaxy S11 family of phones is a typical phone that will help bring 5G data speeds to the masses. There are many more specifications to consider, so here are the most rumored features of the Galaxy S11's so far.

The Release Date

One of the most important topics of this phone is its launch date. In recent years, Samsung always announced the next Galaxy S model around February and launched it some weeks later, and most time during the Mobile World Congress tech show (also known as MWC), sometimes before, or even after. We expect something similar this year. The announcement may happen around mid-February, while the phones will be available for sale by the end of the month or early March.

Models and sizes

The important thing is that Galaxy S11 will not be a single phone that we know. It is rumored to be three, as was the S10 family of 4G models last year. Some rumors name the phones as S11, S11E, and S11 Plus, but the latest rumors, including the one from Evan Blass, which suggests S11, S11 Plus and S11 Pro, which is very closer to Apple's strategy with the iPhone 11. According to Evan Blass, it is rumored that the screen will come in the following sizes:
  • Galaxy S11: 6.2 inches or 6.4 inches
  •  Galaxy S11 Plus: 6.7 inches
  • Galaxy S11 Pro: 6.9 inches
Blass also mentioned that all Galaxy S11 phones may have curved sides, unlike the 2019 Galaxy S10E, which had a flat-screen that he sometimes preferred.

Samsung tends to be among the first phone producers to use Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon processor with its S series every year, and we don't anticipate that trend to stop. The latest processor supports screen refresh rates of about 120Hz, which leads to improved gaming and smoother scrolling through apps. It is expected that the Galaxy S11 will use the powerful Snapdragon 865 processor, which Qualcomm won’t make available to phone brands without the 5G modem it pairs with.


It is obvious that the Galaxy S11 may come with five rear cameras. But out of the growing number of lenses on the back of the phones, maybe the most important story with the Galaxy S11 is that XDA developers found code in the Camera app that signifies that the S11 can have a 108-megapixel camera. This report was backed up by Twitter user Ice Universe, who accurately leaked the specifications and features for phones in the past, but only talk about the Galaxy S11 Plus.

Screen Display

Although we mentioned the phone screens before, we will also have the ability to turn on a 120Hz display refresh rate. This will make animation and scrolling much smoother than the normal 60Hz refresh rate. Although the 120Hz refresh rate is ideal for games and other fast transitions, it is a battery hog. Galaxy S11 could put power in your control with settings to change between 60 Hz to save battery life and 120 Hz if you need to rev up animation. This is a done deal as the Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 990 5G screens support 120Hz screens.

Battery Life

Phones of different sizes have batteries of different sizes; the Galaxy S11 is heavily rumored to come with 5,000mAh battery. This is one area where Samsung has not made huge strides in recent years; we hope 2020 will be the year of two-day battery life. Longer battery life is always welcome, as we have seen some smartphones with ultra-large batteries before, so 5000 mAh meets users' expectations.

Android version

There is no doubt that all Samsung phones in 2020 will run on Android 10 and Samsung‘s own One UI 2, which was announced in October and is presently available in beta. I’m thrilled about Android 10, which gives gesture navigation, system-wide dark mode to phones, some awesome live captioning and new privacy settings. One UI 2 aims to push screen controls and icons to the bottom of the phone so that they are easily accessible with one hand.

5G Guaranteed

It is possible to see 5G connectivity in all Samsung Galaxy S11 that will be announced next year if that happens; it also means that the price of each model will increase. Although the Galaxy S11 will be 5G-ready, but not all phones will be able to access the 5G network. Countries and Cities that are 4G-only will be able to use 4G networks; therefore, the 5G Galaxy S11 could act similar to a 4G phone.

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