Answers to key questions about Fast Charging your phones

Battery life has become a major concern for phone owners, the importance of all-day battery life on a single charge has become one of the main features that an average user looks for, and nowadays battery life is even more important than a good camera. And fast charging is becoming an important feature that allows you to power your phone in just a fraction of the time it takes to do it in the traditional way.

A charger output is measured in voltage and amperage. The amperage is the amount of current that flows from the battery to the connected device, whereas the voltage is the power of the current. Multiplying the voltage by the amperage gives you the wattage, the total measure of the energy. In order to make a phone charge faster, a lot of manufacturers either increase the amperage or vary the current in order to boost the amount of energy going into the gadget.

Note that, your cell phone will only accommodate as much power as its charging circuit is designed for. Therefore, even if you plugged it into a 5V/ 3A adapter, if the phone is capable of handling only 5V/ 2.4A, it won’t charge beyond that rate. So, for fast charging to work, you need a phone with a charging circuit that is able to use one of the fast charging standards, including an adapter and cable that allowed the same standard.

Can fast-charging damage my Phone battery?

The traditional charger has an output of 5 to 10 watts. A faster charger can improve this up to eight times. For instance, both the iPhone 11 Pro and the Pro Max come with 18W fast chargers, and Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus have 25W chargers in their cases. Samsung will give you a 45W fast charger for $50. Except there is some technical fault in the charger or battery, however, using a fast charger won’t have any long-term damage on your phone's battery.

Here is the reason. Fast charging batteries function in two stages. The first stage discharges a blast of voltage to the empty or almost empty battery. This supplies that blazing charge of 50 to 70 percent within the first 10 to 30 minutes. This is because, during the first stage of charging, batteries can quickly absorb the charge without any negative effects on their long-term health.

The second stage is where the phone producers have to slow down and manage the charging speed carefully or else the charging process could damage the battery. If everything is well managed inside, the damage is rare. The battery's management system carefully monitors the two charge stages and reduces the charging speed during the second stage to give the battery time to take in the charge and avoid any problem, this is why it can take about 10 minutes to get those final few percentage points. 

Can I overcharge my phone battery?

Overcharging used to be a serious concern among phone owners. The fear was that keeping their phones continuously plugged in can charge beyond the battery capacity, which would make the battery unstable, and could lead to a deterioration of the overall battery life or cause too much internal heat, which will cause the battery to catches fire or explodes. But according to experts, there is a battery management system that is designed to turn off the electrical charge as soon as the battery reached 100 percent before it overcharges.

Except something is wrong with the battery circuitry, you cannot charge modern phones, because they have built-in protection to prevent that from happening completely. But you can only put the phone battery under strain while trying to reach a 100 percent charge. Although some phone manufacturers like Apple takes an intelligent approach to this issue in the iPhone's iOS that charges the iPhone battery to 100 percent without any long-term damage.

What happens if your phone battery drains to zero?

Once a while you may have wanted to let your phone battery runs down to help recalibrate the battery to its state of charge. But with modern phone batteries there no much problem with that, as a matter of fact, completely discharging a battery can cause chemical reactions that can shorten the battery's life over time. To avoid this problem, a battery management system includes safety functions that power down your phone when it reaches the power level safely above empty. You know you have reached zero when you see the low battery warning sign. If you really want to extend your phone battery’s health, always plug in your phone when the battery level drops down to around 30 percent, which is above the stressful low battery levels.

Any harm, when charging with mismatched chargers and cables?

Except you use fake or damaged chargers and cables, mismatched chargers and cables won’t damage your battery. But, it may not be charging as fast as when using the charger that came with your phone. Some phones, like OnePlus and Huawei, use a special charger design with part of the circuitry responsible for fast charging built into the charger. To enjoy the full benefit of the phone’s proprietary fast charging, you must use its well-matched charger. Other phone manufacturers, like Apple and Samsung, hold on to industry standard for fast charging and allow you to fast charge successfully with different compatible chargers and cables.

Can high temperatures damage my phone battery?

High temperature is a real enemy to your battery. Heat is known to decrease battery life over time. You should keep your phone away from strong sunlight, away from a car dashboard, and away from window sills to prevent overheating, which can make the battery less effective over time. In severe cases, an overheated battery may explode. Temperatures up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30C) can reduce your battery effectiveness.

Other ways you can conserve your phone's battery power?

To conserve your device's battery life, you can use the normal energy-saving tricks, like reducing screen brightness, turning off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use, restricting background data usage by setting and monitoring apps that use GPS. But the fact is, no matter how careful you are your phone batteries will only last for a time. The trick is to get as many months as possible from our battery without constant concern about its charge.


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