5 Easy Ways to Make Money With Your Smartphone

We live in a very difficult time; the economic crisis and high unemployment rate make life unbearable. People are searching for alternative opportunities on how to earn additional money. We cannot rely on our regular job as a source of income to meet our daily financial needs, as the price of goods continues to increase daily. If you need some extra bucks to cover your expenses, you can use your phone to earn additional cash. From selling your photos to taking surveys, there are many ways to earn extra money on your phone. All you need is your Smartphone and some patience. These are the five ways you can earn money with your phone.

Surfing webs and watching videos

Swagbucks offers smartphone apps that allow you to make Swagbucks (SB) just for watching videos, completing merchant offers and answering surveys. You can as well browse the web with the Swagbucks toolbar and earn additional SB. Once you get at least 300 SB, you can exchange them for Paypal payments (or gift cards if you prefer). In addition, InboxDollars pays you to watch videos on your phone. Download the videos you want to watch and your earnings will continue to grow with them. You can cash out to PayPal or gift cards when you are ready.

Sell your photos

Foap will pay you $5 every time someone wants to use one of your photos. If you have good camera skills, random snaps that you take all the time could fetch you some cash. There are platforms where you can upload your photos for people to purchase. It is very easy and it doesn't take much of your time. One of these platforms is the Foap apps, where you can earn $5 every time someone buys your photo and you can sell as many as you want.

Foap connects creators with publishers and you can earn decent money by sharing access to your photos. However, keep in mind that the simple adornment of your puppy may not fetch you anything, but more creative shots showing sight can definitely bring in extra money.

You can take Surveys

Your opinions are valuable and people will pay you for it. Taking surveys is an easy way to earn money with minimal effort. Surveymonkey.com is an app that offers paid surveys and, unlike other platforms, they don’t offer you point reward that you can later redeem in cash, but instead pay you in cash. More than 500 companies are looking for people to share their opinions. Surveys range from entertainment to shopping. The app is also secure and your personal information will be secure with them.

Survey Junkie is one of the oldest and best-known survey companies on the Internet, making it one of the easiest ways to earn money from your phone. You can try out new products before they reach the shelves. Answer some short questions about them and help the company shape the future of its product lines. You can get paid directly to your PayPal account or cash in your rewards for gift cards.

Test out new products

You can earn money from your phone by testing apps and websites. Companies will pay you to test their applications before launching them through the UserTesting app. You have to successfully complete a sample test with this company, but once you do, you will earn $10 for each application you download, test and review (using voice recording) for UserTesting.

You can do almost anything and get paid

Earnably will pay you not only to listen to the radio but also to complete surveys, watch videos and complete online offers. What is particularly beneficial with Earnably is that the site pays you rewards and increases your payout options when you advance on the site. Only $2 of earnings is required before you can ask for payment through PayPal or a gift card. SliceThePie also allows you to listen to new music and receive payment for your opinions. If you have time to listen to new bands, this application is absolutely perfect.


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