Samsung Has Launched Its Second Foldable Phone, the Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung officially announced its Galaxy Z Flip phone yesterday at its Samsung Unpacked event in San Francisco. This phone marks Samsung's second foldable phone and a major commitment to a growing trend in phone design. According to Samsung’s, the phone will be available on Feb. 14 and will cost £1,300 in the UK and $1,380 in the US.

It is different from Galaxy fold, which opens and closes like a book and comes with a 7.3-inch screen, the Galaxy Z Flip folds on the horizontal axis and can be held in one palm of a hand. Its outside cover has a smaller screen on which you can see notifications. The inside screen is 6.7 inches, and the phone comes with two 12-megapixel cameras for ultrawide and wide-angle shots. A front-facing 10 megapixels camera powered by a 64-bit octa-core processor and a 3,300 mAh battery. Galaxy Z Flip is expected to be available in three colors, black, purple and gold, although not all color options will be available everywhere.

When comparing with the Motorola Razr, which has a flexible plastic screen, the Z Flip's screen is made of both glass and plastic. Galaxy Z Flip is made with the same technology used on the Fold and Samsung alleges that you can fold the phone up to 200,000 times flip without damage. This mimics the number of times you would open and close your phone for more than five years of use.

Foldable and 5G phones are set to change the mobile phone industry over the next five years. In addition to Samsung, Motorola and other phone manufacturers have either advertised foldable phones or are alleged to have one in the work. Besides, Samsung has built a three-stop hinge that allows you to use two halves of the screen separately when it’s propped up. It is very similar to a laptop, with a double CAM mechanism to keep it open in a variety of corners. The design is that you can place the phone on a flat surface and take a selfie with the camera appears at the top of the screen, and control the bottom half of the screen.

The first foldable phones have indicated what is to come, as the devices are inevitably thinner and stronger and allow mobile applications to take advantage of different screen sizes. The software technology will also be developed with the assistance of Google, which is committed to providing Android support for foldable designs.

The back camera system includes the ability to record night Hyperlapse videos or low-light shots with the Samsung night mode. However, the real promise of the Galaxy Z Flip is the software experiences, although. The screen will automatically be divided into two 4-inch screens in something Samsung calls “Flex Mode.” The company has worked closely with Google to design Flex mode, a custom user interface designed to display images and YouTube videos.

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