Coronavirus and Your Phone

The coronavirus is here and shows no signs of letting up. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to keep your hands clean and away from your face. Keeping your phone disinfected is another smart way to keep germs out of your reach. The coronavirus that causes a respiratory disease called COVID-19 can live on some surfaces for days, studies say, that may include your phone. This is the gadget that you handle constantly and frequently press to the side of your face, meaning any viruses, bacteria, or other germs that get into your phone or casing can easily transfer to your skin.

Proper hand washing can help prevent you and your loved ones from transmitting the virus, but what about cleaning your phone? The good news is that sanitizing your electronic device has become easier. A few days ago, Apple announced on its site that you can carefully clean iPhone with disinfectant wipes, such as Clorox sheets and others of the same concentration.

However, there are some techniques and cleaning agents that you still need to avoid. Although you may see good results at first, but these harsh techniques can end up damaging your screen or perhaps the internal components of the device that you work hard to protect.

We will tell you which products you should avoid, the best ways to sanitize your phone, and how to care for your phones. The following are some functional tips you can use to help reduce your coronavirus exposure.

Sanitize your phone: With Wipes and not pure alcohol

If you touch your mobile phone after touching a grocery cart or a public door handle, you may instantly consider cleaning it with alcohol. But don’t, because pure alcohols can strip the hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings that prevent water and oil from damaging your phone screen and other parts.
Most websites recommend mixing water and alcohol, but it is important to get the concentration right. Any mistake can damage your phone. The safest bet is using disinfectant wipes that have 70 percent of isopropyl alcohol when cleaning your phone screen.

Before now, we were instructed not to use disinfectant wipes on phone screens, but presently Apple says it's okay to use Clorox wipe and other wipes with the same concentrations. Although, Samsung has not yet comment whether it is harmless to use disinfectant wipes on their phones.

Another alternative for daily cleaning is to invest in a UV light, like PhoneSoap. This UV Light firm claims to destroy 99.99 percent of germs and expels bacteria. Though, it has not been tested for this coronavirus strain.

Also, you might need to consider changing your behavior a bit. AT&T recommends sharing photos via text message, rather than passing your phone around and using devices such as headsets and technology like Bluetooth to keep your phone away from your face.

This could be the best thing you can do all day. This epidemic is moving fast, and research is slow to catch up. Therefore, the C.D.C. doesn’t know precisely how long the virus might remain on the phone surface, but evidence suggests it may last hours or days.

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