3 Ways you can fix your broken phone during the coronavirus lockdown

It may seem like the end of the world when you break your smartphone. We have generally become completely dependent on Smartphone’s and related technologies, and it seems every aspect of our lives is connected to these devices. They are how we work and communicate with bosses, coworkers, and clients. Our Smartphone’s allow us to maintain family relationships, contact siblings across the country for updates, or telling our spouse that we will be late from work. This is also how we find information, contact a restaurant for direction, or contact the operator to get the name of a taxi company. Our phones also contain all our banking information and transactions. Which open up a completely different line of dependency on these devices, so it is not a great feeling when your phone breaks.

The truth is that accidents happen; but cracking your iPhone screen or breaking your Android phone charging port is the last thing that any of us want to worry about at the moment. Especially with most of us practicing social distancing, under stay home orders, and wearing face masks in public places during this Coronavirus pandemic. It is true that you may be spending more time at home, but chances are you are still making more calls, texting, and using your phones than before. So what happens if it slips off the countertop when you are making dinner? Or if it just starts acting funny?

Normally you might enter a retail store, but in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, retail stores across the nation have closed, and even repair shops and wireless operators have also closed most of their stores. So where are you going to fix your phone? The following are the ways that you can still fix your phone.

Fixing your broken iPhone
If your iPhone is not physically damaged and you have software or performance issues, you can use the Apple Support app to speak to an employee who can help you troubleshoot the problem. The application enables the support representative to run diagnostic reports and guide you through any possible solutions.

But if your iPhone is physically damaged or an unresponsive device that needs to be replaced or repaired, you can find a list of authorized Apple service providers by visiting this support page and clicking on Schedule a Repair. You will be asked to sign in to Apple ID and select a device associated with your account, after which you can search for an open store. Using an Apple Authorized Repair Center will allow you to take advantage of low repair costs if you have an AppleCare Plus on your iPhone.

And if you are not comfortable going out in public, or there is no nearby repair facility, you can as well mail your phone to Apple for repair. Visit this support page and click send in for Repair, and follow the instructions. This is a less than ideal solution, because you will be without your phone for a few days. Although you can use an old phone or get a cheap backup phone to stay connected while your phone is in the shop.

Fixing your Android phone 
Android owners generally don't have a central location, like the Apple Store that they can go to for repairs. But don't let that disturb you. For software and performance issues, you can contact your wireless carrier or phone manufacturer for troubleshooting. Most of the time, these kinds of problems can be solved over the phone.

Finding a third-party repair business is another option, and one of such reputable companies is uBreakiFix, Samsung's official repair partner. UBreakiFix repairs all kinds of phones, tablets, and even computers, including Apple products. To help keep customers and employees safe, uBreakiFix has come up with a mail-in option and curbside service. In some neighborhoods, you can even get a tech come to your home and repair your device. Find the nearest uBreakiFix location and the repair services provided using the company's availability tool.

Again, it is perhaps the best to contact any company directly to make sure they are open, especially as more cities continue to shut down nonessential services and to make sure they are accepting appointments and that they have the parts in stock to complete your specific repair. You may need to mail in your device.

Fix it yourself
As the last option, if you don't have a warranty and you are comfortable trying to repair your phone on your own, you can order a repair kit from iFixit. There are kits that have everything you need, including tools, to replace a broken iPhone screen or to replace an Android phone’s battery or more.

IFixit has posted guides that correspond to each kit, to guide you through the whole process. Even if your movement is not restricted, it will save you a trip out and may save you some money in the process. Don’t forget we all have to do our part to stop the spread of the coronavirus. And if you have to go out take the necessary precaution to stay safe.

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