Apple's iPhone SE 2020' rumored to launch soon

It seems like Apple will soon launch a new device, according to the company analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, The company is working on the latest low-priced iPhone that will be released around the first half of 2020, possibly in April 2020, with Apple planning to offer customers the latest technology at a cheaper price point.

Rumors refer to this gadget as "iPhone SE 2020" due to its predictable price of $399 or "iPhone 9", which was skipped over with the release of the iPhone X, however, it is obvious that Apple will call the device "iPhone SE", to strengthen its position as a follow-up to the innovative 2016 iPhone SE.

Especially since high-end phones seem to be getting bigger and more expensive, there has been a lot of interest in the rumors for the past year about Apple launching a new value-priced phone. The iPhone SE was successful and provided strong performance in 2016, according to rumors Apple will use the name again on the new phone that could be released very soon. According to the rumors, we have heard, this new phone will be an updated iPhone 8 that utilizes the same components as the iPhone 8, and case producers have already started making cases for it.

In terms of specifications, they suggest three levels of storage with a capacity of 64GB / 128GB / 256GB, and three colors: black, white, and red. If the rumors hold up, it will replace the iPhone 8 in the Apple line up, while introducing a newer version of the A13 processor running the iPhone 11 series. This means it will be super fast. And will come with 3GB RAM and will continue to offer Touch ID instead of Face ID, with the Touch ID home button on the bottom of the device.

It is obvious that Apple will launch a new and cheaper model soon if it is just to simplify its products providing around devices with comparable components, but with the prevalence of the coronavirus pandemic affecting all level of logistics, there is room for more difference than usual as to when the product will arrive.

Existing rumors indicate that the launch of the iPhone SE is forthcoming, as Apple plans to introduce it as soon as April 3 or shortly thereafter. New cases designed for this device have started popping up at Best Buy with the stock date of April 5, in line with rumors that the new device will be launch soon.

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