Coronavirus lockdown: 5 Trusted Websites you can make Money from Home

The present lockdown situation all over the world has left many people out of work and they are naturally eager to find ways to keep themselves busy and continue to make money while staying safe at home. If you are in this situation, these are the top 5 websites to help you keep boredom away and at the same time make real bucks from the comfort of your home.


This is one of the real money-making sites that give you the perfect tools to make money from home in the fastest and easiest way possible. Whether it's creative writing, website development, marketing, sales, accounting, etc. This platform gives you the network and space to develop your technical skills like a true professional.

If you are in need of a good website to market your skills and create a good standing, then Upwork is the best website to make money. Here, the percentage of what you make is calculated based on what you get from the client. For example, on the first $500 you earn from the buyer, Upwork will deduct a 20 percent commission. Then, from $500 to $10,000, Upwork has a 10 percent commission. After you have charged a client with earnings above $10,000, Upwork will get only 5 percent commissions.


This is an online retailer that utilizes the power of digital marketing with six million products worldwide to 200 million consumers. Through its affiliate program, affiliates can promote seller products from ClickBank marketplace, by generating a HopLink and earning up to 75 percent commissions.

ClickBank has a reliable tracking system and commissions are made on time, this creates an environment for quality, workability, and convenience. It also demonstrates a win-win situation for the affiliate, vendor, and customer. Therefore if you are in need of reliable affiliate sites to earn money, ClickBank is the best place to make good money.


This is another reliable and well-paid affiliate platform that is beneficial to both merchants and affiliates with lots of commission as a reward. This site offers ordinary people an extraordinary way to earn income in the easiest way possible.

Through a great number of affiliates and product reviews, a wide range of readers can be reached, which increases sales automatically. And once a sale is made, commissions are earned through sales and leads. These commissions start from 10 percent or more and can be negotiable between the two parties.


This is a freelancing site that promotes professional services, from creative writing, logo designs, voice over, social media posts, translations, etc. for different industries and clients. This is the fastest and the best way to make money, starting with a $5 gig, of which $1 is retained by Fiverr for using the platform. Everyone with the least skills can use this platform and easily make up to $50 or more per hour.

All you need to do is to create an account and put up the services you want to offer and get an order. Once you complete the order, you can receive payment and continue to use the winning formula to get more orders.


This is one of the most popular online survey sites. You need to sign up for a free Swagbucks account, after which you will receive a $10 welcome bonus. To earn points, you can select from a variety of methods such as shop online, taking surveys, watching videos, Swagbucks search, playing games, buying gift cards, and discover deals.

Later on, you can exchange your points for gift cards to your preferred retailers, such as Walmart and Amazon, or PayPal cashback. Swagbucks perhaps is not your way to financial freedom, but it is a great tool for casual use.

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