The 5 Best Wireless Security Cameras

http://Each day these cameras are used for a variety of purposes, both professional and around the home. Surveillance cameras have become more popular due to their proven effectiveness in identifying aggressive behaviors at home and office space. These cameras are everywhere. From homes and offices to banks and government buildings, these powerful little electronics turn left and right and monitor everyone and everything. In the past, only large, successful companies could afford it. However, digital multiplexing and the Internet these days have democratic access to surveillance systems so that anyone can buy and install them. Therefore, the question is no longer "Can you have a surveillance system?" But "Which surveillance system is right for you?"

There are many kinds of surveillance cameras on the market today. In fact, almost every month more elegant and powerful versions are released to the market. Knowing the different types, and the differences between each of them will make it easier for you to choose from the many kinds and models on the market. Therefore our team has researched and compiled a list of the 5 best Surveillance cameras based on the features, price, design, and available accessories. We also include a buying guide to help you make the right choice.

Wyze Cam Pan

This mini camera with Wi-Fi can scan the whole area in just three seconds. You can adjust the settings using the Pan Scan function to automatically scan the region according to your specifications. Another great feature of this model is the Wyze Cam's motion tracking. This feature makes it possible for the camera to follow all the action that happens within the covered area. For example, if a dog or child runs across the room, the camera will follow all the movements. The following are order great features that make this camera one of the best.

  • Reasonable price 
  •  Smart motion tracking
  •  360 ° coverage with Pan Scan
  •  Free rolling 14-day cloud storage  

Arlo Pro 3

This is one of the best wireless security cameras because it does not need a power cord and can still work better than the competition. Arlo Pro 3 is a great choice for many folks, especially if you are looking for fast setup, multiple cameras, and excellent video quality. Its 2K video records sharp videos at any time of the day and captures more detail than 1080p cameras, this is due to its infrared night vision and built-in spotlight. The useful tutorial in its app makes it easy to set-up, and the magnetic wall mount helps you install it easily anywhere.

The only drawback to Arlo Pro 3 is that it involves a base station that you only get when you buy two or more cameras. This makes it an expensive option, but it balances out when you buy more than one camera. The following are order great features that make Arlo Pro 3 camera one of the best.

  • Smart home integration
  •  2K video resolution
  •  It is 100 percent wireless design
  •   Indoor and outdoor versatility 

Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Camera

This rechargeable camera comes with a 6000 mAh battery that can last about two to five months when completely charged so you don't have to be anxious about charging it always. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up this camera without using any sophisticated tools. It also comes with a magnetic support screw and double-sided adhesive tape that allows you to install it easily.

This camera is powered by an integrated rechargeable battery that allows you to place it outdoors or indoors without being concern about annoying wires. This camera is designed with a 1080p HD camera that gives you clear and sharp recordings that you can remotely watch in real-time via the CloudEdge mobile app. This camera is designed to withstand bad weather, equipped with an advanced PIR motion detection and night vision system. This is exactly what you need to protect your home and family. Also, the following are order great features that make this camera one of the best.

  • It is wireless and cordless 
  •  It comes with a 6000mAh battery 
  •  It can withstand the bad weather
  •  It has two-way-storage  

ZOSI 1080P Security Camera System

The cameras come with all the necessary parts for installation, a very good night vision, and a lot of space on the hard drive. A great camera with easy and excellent setup. The free ZOSI smart app lets you view all of your cameras in one place. You can check in on your home or business where you have an Internet connection. Free app to watch and play directly on smart devices with Wi-Fi or 2G / 3G / 4G anywhere, anytime. Smartphone support iPhone, Android, and iPad.

You get a clear, sharp image night and day with the camera's automatic IR-CUT filter for up to 120 feet night vision in complete darkness and 160 feet night vision in ambient light. Also, the following are order great features that make this camera one of the best.
  •  The aluminum weatherproof housing cameras can be used indoors and outdoors. 
  •  It gives you the flexibility to expand additional cameras 
  •  It supports ultra-long continuous recording and backup by USB
  •  Dvr can be configured to automatically overwrite the oldest internally stored images or you can transfer the video files via USB to external memory or hard drive.
Wyze Cam

If you are looking for an affordable camera, then Wyze is the way to go. The camera features a simple design and is small enough to sit anywhere. It is the cheapest option on this list. Despite its affordable price, it supports Full HD 1080p resolution and allows video and audio recording. There's even a night mode, so you can watch videos recorded in the dark. If you want to store content outside the cloud, it works with a MicroSD card to protect videos.

The Wyze camera works with Alexa, offering fast, clear, live streaming shots directly to your smartphone via the Wyze app (Android and iOS), day or night. With motion and sound detection, you can receive alerts any time WyzeCam detects sound and motion and view up to 14 days of alert video clips for free, with no monthly subscription or fees required. The following are order great features that make this camera one of the best.
  •  2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks 
  •  Night vision up to 30 feet away 
  •  The magnetic base and adhesive metal plate allows you to mount the camera anywhere, without the need for screws. 
  • Motion tagging technology detects and sketches motion in live streaming and video playback modes.
  •  1080p full HD live streaming directly to your Smartphone. 

Things to look out for when buying surveillance cameras

Most surveillance cameras perform similar basic functions, detecting an event, recording it, and sending you an alert. But all don’t do it the same way; some come with special features that go beyond the basics. The following are some of the features you need to consider when buying surveillance cameras.

Alerts: surveillance cameras send notifications to your smartphone when they detect events. This is the only way to track tabs in your home in relative real time without watching the live stream always. Depending on the camera, it can send text, sound, face alerts, or the three when it detecting motion. Some may send alerts to many people, generally anyone else in the family who uses the product app; others will send emails including text messages in case your mobile device is not accessible.

Backup Battery - Smart thieves can cut off the electricity before breaking into your home, or power outage can occur. Your camera will go dark when this happens. And if there is a crime, all forensic evidence is lost. Because of this reason, some cameras have a backup battery that can still run for a short period in such a situation. It is a feature to look out for.

Cloud Recording: Several makers offer cloud storage devices with their cameras. With these, your recorded video is transferred to a remote server and stored for a predetermined period, generally anywhere from 24 hours to a week, and then removed to make room for new videos. Although sometimes free, these cloud plans generally require a monthly subscription, but they worth it, both for convenience and if you want a surveillance record during a vacation or other long period away from home.

 Local Storage: Some of these cameras come with memory card slots, in addition to cloud storage, so you can save videos on the device. It is an attractive feature because it can eliminate the cost of monthly storage fees. The problem is that if a scammer steals your camera, it takes your forensic evidence with it.

Mobile App - Most of the present surveillance cameras are currently accessed primarily through the smartphone and tablet app. Also, it provides a reliable way to view the camera's live feed. It should come with many options to customize the way it performs. The ability to set-up notifications, sound detection sensitivity, and set detection areas are some of the key features to consider. The app should be instinctive and easy to control.

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