5 Best iPhone Screen Protectors

 Every new iPhone owner will like to protect its screen from damage. The good thing about iPhone is that Apple has done its best to keep the phone's screen as durable as possible. As the owner of a new iPhone, the two types of damage you should be concerned about is the phone's touch screen glass which can be scratched by metal objects in contact with it. The second is that the glass screen can break if something hits the screen hard, or if the edge of the phone has a strong impact, caused by dropping it on the ground. A spotless body is of no use if a broken screen means you cannot use your phone at all.

This is where the screen protector comes in. Whether it's a thin film or a tough glass, a good screen protector provides protection against damage without restricting touch sensitivity or screen clarity. The following are the 5 best iPhone screen protectors.

 1. Ailun Glass Screen Protector


This screen protector is popular with iPhone Plus models, although you also can use it effectively with your iPhone X or XS. Because of the phone’s curve, it may not fully cover the phone screen, but this Ailun protector will still offer a lot of security. This glass is laser cut and is of top quality. Ailun product is shatter-proof and scratch-resistant. So, with this screen protector, you don't expect cracks to occur on your phone or screen protector. The hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings on the screen protector make it pointless to constantly wipe down the screen. This screen protector comes with wet and dry wipes, including a dust absorber.

  2. AmFilm Glass Screen Protector



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 These screen protectors are made from premium tempered glass and are specially designed to fit iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, or iPhone 6 devices. They provide an ultra-clear natural viewing experience with 99.9 percent screen transparency and fingerprint/smudge reduction. In addition, the amFilm screen are very durable with a 9H surface hardness, providing protection against scratches, drops, chips, and other common signs of wear. These highly resilient screen protectors will not interfere with your phone screen sensitivity, which results in an optimal user experience.


3. Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector 

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If you own iPhone XS or iPhone X, then Spigen Screen Protector is exactly what you want. Spigen is one of the best-known companies in the casing business, offering a double-pack tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 11. The case is coated to protect your phone from fingerprint residue and comes with an automatic alignment kit to make sure you are applying it properly. It also has 9H hardness to protect your phone from any cracks or scratches. Spigen screen protector comes with an auto-alignment installation kit for smooth and easy installation. One thing that makes Spigen screen protector my favorite is that the protectors are designed to be compatible with the company's phone cases. And even if something goes wrong, you will have a spare screen protector.

 4. Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector 


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 Although this screen protection is a little expensive, it comes with great features that set it apart from the competitors. The first feature that makes this Screen Protector unique is its liquid dispersion technology. This feature fills in the little cracks that develop in the screen protector with liquid, making the screen last longer than its competitors. In addition to be able to make self-repairs, it also filters out some blue light from your phone. And come with curved edges to completely cover your iPhone X screens. To use the Dome Glass screen protector, you need to use the UV curing light that came with your purchase. This actually seals the protector tightly on your phone, and by following the instructions carefully, you can prevent air bubbles from forming. The good thing about this screen protector is that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  5. Maxboost Tempered Glass Screen Protector 


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 This is among the thinnest screen protectors on the market. The screen protector will shield your phone from any scratches and absorb the impact if the phone falls on the floor. It responds well to both touch and the 3D touch screen. At 0.25mm, you will hardly notice the glass at the top of your phone's screen. And with the oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings, your screen protector will be optimized to reduce any traces of sweat or fingerprints stain and keep the view of your phone clear.

 Maxboost Tempered Screen Protector is the perfect choice for iPhone X and iPhone XS, this is because the screen protector covers the entire screen, including the rounded edges. The open-edge design makes it easy to pair this screen protector with any kind of iPhone case. And you can as well get this screen protector for older iPhone models. Another good thing about it is that it comes with three screen protectors and a lifetime warranty. 



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