How to Charge Your Phone Battery Faster and Safer


Our mobile devices are our closest companions. They help us a lot in our daily activities. The short battery life of our Smartphone and the time it takes to fully charge is a common cause of frustration for many. It is very annoying after charging your phone for more than two hours, only to discover that it is still half charged. This is a common problem with most Smartphone’s. So, if you are facing this problem don't worry, you are not alone. It happens to almost everyone. Although there is no magic wand for charging your phone fast, but these tricks will definitely help you to some extent. 

1. Use Only Original Chargers: You may have heard this a lot, but didn't care much. I understand that sometimes desperate times demand desperate measures. But the truth is that, if you want to preserve the quality of your battery and want it to charge faster, you need to use only the original matching charger. Also remember, not to charge your phone with a low charging current rating with a high current charger. This may degrade the battery and its performance, and slow down the charging process. 

2. Keep the Battery at Room Temperature: Too much heat can affect the battery's charging capacity. Keep your phone at room temperature and remove cases or covers that can trap heat. 

3. Turn off your phone's Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and infrared capabilities: People generally don't turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or GPS after using them. This leads to the discharge of the battery. So the next time you charge your phone, remember to first turn these off. 

4. Prefer Wall Charging Over USB: Your computer or laptop's USB port does not provide a steady amount of power. Therefore, charging your phone using a USB will be much slower than charging it with a proper AC outlet. If you have a choice between a laptop and a wall charger, always choose a wall charger. 

5. Switch your Phone to Airplane Mode or just Turn it Off: Switching your phone to Airplane mode shuts off its transmitting function. This means that calls, text messages, or packets of data cannot come in or go from your device. So if you are fine with that, you can switch your Smartphone to Airplane mode or just turn off your phone if you are not using your phone or expecting any incoming call. This will give charging a little boost. The phone charges faster in Airplane mode because it disconnects all communication channels. 

6. Proper Management: Lastly, Putting your Smartphone on power saving mode, reducing the screen time out timing and screen brightness are other methods of making your device charge faster. This trick can also help increase your phone battery life.

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