9 Ways You Can Protect Your Phone from the Heat


Protect your Phone from Heat

Many smartphone owners are unaware that the temperature has a significant impact on how effectively their Android functions. Heat waves and cold waves can negatively affect your phone battery life and performance. High temperatures can have a huge impact on the internal components of your phone. A smartphone that becomes too hot can cause data loss or corruption, and frequent heat exposure might cause your phone to slow down permanently. Extreme temperatures can also lead to battery leakage, putting your personal safety at risk. Because of this, the following are the 9 ways you can protect your phone from the heat.

  1. Remove the phone from your pocket: Don't keep it in your pocket if you want your phone to cool down on a hot day. Not only would it be uncomfortable, but your normal body's heat will also affect the phone cooling process. Similar to when charging, it is best to keep your phone in a shady area away from insulating materials. An overheating phone battery can leak or catch fire, this can put you at serious risk.

  2. Charge your phone away from direct sunshine: Charging your phone can cause it to heat up. If you leave the phone in direct sunlight while charging, the heat from the sun will combine with the heat generated by the electrical transfer to your phone's battery. This can make the phone overheat much more than usual.

  3. If your phone gets too hot, don't put it in the freezer: Sudden changes in temperature are also dangerous for your phone's performance. A simple explanation for this is condensation – it is possible for water to get trapped inside your phone and cause problems if you put it in a place like a freezer when the weather is too hot. The best thing to do is turn off the phone and leave it in a cool place for a while until it returns to room temperature at a more normal speed.

  4. Put your phone in airplane mode or turn it off: A phone can overheat for a variety of reasons, not only the external temperature. If you are playing games or making a lot of calls, your phone will work harder and produce more heat. This, when combined with warm ambient temperatures, can result in overheating. To help it cool down, you can put your phone in airplane mode and cease using processor-intensive apps like games or stop using the phone to help it cool down.

  5.  When charging, don't put your phone under your pillow: Never leave your phone under any type of pillow, blanket, or other heating material. When the temperature is hot, the heat from a charging phone can quickly build up to dangerous if not properly dissipated. If possible, charge your phone in the shade preferably on a hard, cool surface.

  6. Don't forget to take your phone out of the car: On a hot day, the inside of your car absorbed heat. According to one recent study, a car parked in the sun on a 95-degree day can attain 116-degree temps in just one hour. Apple advises against using an iPhone in temperatures above 95 degrees Fahrenheit and advises not to store it in temperatures exceeding 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Other smartphone manufacturers recommend similar steps.

  7. Turn unused apps on your phone off: Opening unused apps that are running in the background makes your phone work harder; this will make your phone overheat. The solution is very simple: for example, on your iPhone, all you have to do is press the home button twice before swiping the apps away.

  8. Carry many phones separately: If you carry many devices such as a phone, tablet, battery pack, and game console. Ensure the devices are not in contact with each other. If they come in contact with each other, the heat from one device can be easily transferred to the other, which will increase their overall temperature. If possible, air should be able to flow around each device to keep it cool.

  9. Take your phone out of the case: It's possible that your phone's case is trapping the heat. Waterproof or heavy-duty cases can prevent the device's cooling mechanisms from working properly. Take out the case and let the phone cool completely before replacing it. You can use a thermal protection case from Amazon to ensure that enough airflow reaches your phone.

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