Negative Effects of Smartphones on Children


Children and smartphone

Smartphones have evolved into multi-functional devices. They are gaining a lot of attraction among people of all ages. Children are not excluded from this mighty influence either. In fact, smartphones are used by children all around the world for a variety of purposes.
Some children can be seen conversing with their friends for long hours, while others spend their time on their phones playing endless games. Although the benefits of smartphones are indisputable, continuous use and exposure can have negative effects on a child.

Although the effect on adults' health is minimal, it is unquestionably more detrimental to children due to their immaturity. Smartphones can be an easy way to distract children or keep them occupied. But, they come with their own set of imperfections. The following are some of the negative consequences of children using smartphones on a regular basis:

It Affects Brain Activity: Studies show that the human brain is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Since smartphones rely on electromagnetic waves for all types of communication, including internal communication, and the brain has its own electric impulses through which communication is carried out in the neural network, it is possible that it will have an impact on the brain. Though, more research is needed to confirm that radiation has effects on brain activity.

Academic Performance: Many youngsters bring their phones to school with them. Playing games or chatting with friends during recess or even in class is becoming more common day by day. As a result, they fail to pay attention in class, miss important teachings, and, as a result, are oblivious to their studies and examinations.

Inappropriate Media: The smartphone, like any other piece of technology, is a tool that can be abused. Kids may stumble across improper messages, photographs, or texts shared by their classmates or peers and pass them on to others. They may become exposed to pornography at a young age, causing their views and mental processes to change.

They may be exposed to pornography at a young age, which may cause their view and mental processes to change. Even foolishly sharing pictures could lead to the calamity that has a long-term impact on their lives.

Mental Health: On social media, children can communicate with online bullies who bully them. Many youngsters who have experienced cyberbullying can only admit their experience later in life when the mental damage has already occurred. Social media can also cause depression and anxiety when kids don't get the attention they expect online.
Smartphones effect on Children

Sleep Disturbance: Children may stay up late talking to mates, playing video games, or going through social media, causing weariness and restlessness over time. It also causes problems in the classroom since they are too tired to concentrate on what is being taught. As a result, it has a cumulative effect that affects all aspects of their lives.

Medical Problems: Children who spend their free time addicted to their phones do not engage in physical activity or get enough fresh air. This puts them at risk for obesity and other disorders, which can lead to dangerous conditions like hypertension later on.

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